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A Smarter Rewards Program

Influencer Reward

Increase your reach by providing Influencer Rewards. Customers earn points toward Influencer Rewards when they complete actions inside your store. Actions range from walking in to sharing photos on your social media accounts.

Real-time Engagements

Nectr uses a Bluetooth device to introduce Real-time Engagements for brick-and-mortar. Welcome your customers when they walk in and remind them to share their experiences with their friends, automatically.


No hardware or software integrations. After a 30 minute setup, you can begin signing up your customers and amplifying their voice.

Amplify word-of-mouth marketing

90% of customers trust recommendations from their peers.

The Nectr platform seamlessly connects your customers' social meda accounts so they can earn points towards rewards for posting in-the-moment content that generates conversation and links back to your business's social media accounts.

This provides you with a steady stream of fresh media that drives an increase in post reach and remains in front of your potential customers longer.

Let your social media run on auto pilot.

real-time engagements with beacons

Beacons use a tiny bluetooth signal to anonymously detect smartphones. Place beacons inside of your store to welcome guests as they walk-in, give them a notification to come back as they leave, remind them to share their experience with their friends and much, much more.

These notifications are 100% OPT-IN only. Customers will never receive a notification they don’t want.

Set-and-forget marketing

We understand that as a business owner, manager or operator that you are looking for an edge in a noisy marketplace. Trying to run a smooth business and a successful marketing stragey can be a huge undertaking. Let Nectr simplify and amplify your efforts with a Set and Forget platform.